Sunday, September 27, 2009

QUESTION: "The Persuaders" begins by questioning the increase in the amount of advertising we typically encounter in our daily lives. How would you assess the amount of advertising you see? Too much? Too little? Just right? In your view, what difference does it make to know that people today see much more advertising in their daily lives than people 20 or 30 years ago?

ANSWER: I never noticed until I saw this video that there was such an overload of advertisements. For example the only Time Square I have ever seen is the one covered in , television screens, posters, and billboards. I feel that maybe advertisers are going overboard, but it is difficult for companies not to when all the other competitors are. I know that as time continues advertising will just keep growing, and new ways to sell and persuade consumers to buy companies products or ideas will increase greatly. 20 to 30 years ago advertising was not that advanced or as strong as it is today, and I feel in the next 20 to 30 years it will only progress. Seeing pictures of New York City's Time Square from the early 1900s, it looks completely different, from the Time Square I know. One could probably count on both hands the amount of the advertisement one sees.

QUESTION: Where are things headed in the future? What are some possible scenarios that could play out as far as the direction that future persuaders may take their marketing techniques.

ANSWER: I feel like companies that want to try to sell and persuade their products are going to run out of public space in the future. They may start to build buildings just for advertising space to sell their product or idea. Eventually it could possibly spread to paying owners of private property to advertise signs. For example having signs on one's lawn to advertise a person running for an office, or advertising the alarm system one may use. Why can't they advertise the cell phone service they use if their offered money to do it. Advertising may actual take over small towns like they do in popularized city. Maybe jerseys of athletes in different sports maybe printed on with advertisements like NASCAR does. Only time can tell

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cropped Photo

The picture above is not cropped. It shows the true denotative meaning of what the advertisers wanted to stress to the consumers. In Practices of Looking, it is said that denotative meaning of the image refers to its literal, and explicit meaning. However, this advertisement supports the myth of photographic truth, because the advertisement is not realistic. It is easy to tell that the can was pasted on the beachfront background.

Cropped Image

This is the cropped photo, which completely changes the denotative meaning of the original form of the pictured advertisement. The original ad, was for Dr. Pepper and how it can be an escape or a break from life. After I cropped the image it not looks like an advertisement to take a tropical vacation. In Practices of Looking, it states that our awareness of the subjective nature of imaging is in constant tension with the legacy of objectivity that clings to the cameras and machines that produce images today, even as the increasing availability of digital imaging software makes the alteration of photographs both easy and widespread. This supports the myth of photographic truth.

My Second Medium Collage

Twitter is another example of a medium. Its content is the ability to post what you are doing at any time on the webpage. As you can see from my collage some of the posts made are in different languages, which means that twitter is popularly used all over the world. It helps friends, family, and co-workers keep in touch.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Photoshop as a Medium

The content of photoshop would be all the editing tools it offers. A few examples of this are the magic wand, the spot healing brush, and the red-eye remover. The message of photoshop is to be able to edit and fix pictures, whether its for personal or business reasons.


While creating my collage, I wish I could of found more pictures of all different types of people using a computer. Also I wanted to make it more of a collage with more pictures.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

McLuhan Medium Collage

The medium I chose was AOL Instant Messenger. The content of AOL Instant Messenger is a buddy list, which is a list of all your contacts that you can Instant Message. The message is the ability for people to stay in contact no matter where they are in the world. AOL Instant Messenger is a simple and easy way to keep in touch with friends and family.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Media Mediums

AOL Instant Messenger